Misawa & co.,Ltd. Misawa & co.,Ltd.

A sensible lifestyle for everyone
that is comfortable for both you and the earth.

In the Misawa Co., Ltd., this is a Japanese company that operates the interior store unico.
Our primary focus is on planning and selling furniture and fabric miscellaneous goods, with the aim of providing everyone with a sense of a lifestyle that is both comfortable for them and the environment.


  • About unico

    “unico” means, “just only one” and “important thing”, an interior store that has been operating in Japan for over 25 years. In unico, we value the concept of creating a “comfortable place where you can be yourself”, offering the original furniture, curtain, fabric, selected miscellaneous goods and a wide selection of items.

  • About products

    Furniture, curtains, fabric, and other items. In unico, most products are original designs. Our products are made in factories located in Asia, Europe, and various other locations.
    We value “Sense that cannot be expressed in words”, “Design with the art of blank space” and “Diverse styles” and offer highly impressive items with reasonable price.


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Misawa & co.,Ltd.
Misawa & Co., Ltd.

[ Head Office ]

4-20-3, Ebisu, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-6025, Japan

February 26th, 1959
Futoshi Misawa
380,485,200 yen(As of January 31st, 2024)
Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation Oyama Branch
Ashikaga Bank Suzumenomiya Branch
Mizuho Bank, Ltd. Nakameguro Branch

Tokyo Stock Exchange,
Standard Market(Japan)

522(As of January 31st, 2024)
Administration of lifestyle shop “unico”, “unico loom”
Adminstrastion of restaurants
  • ・Shanghai Representative Office
  • ・Vietnam Office
  • ・Indonesia Office
  • ・India Branch Office


Feb, 1959 Misawa Seiki Mfg., Ltd. founded in Osaka city, Osaka.Started production and distribution of precision machinery.
Feb, 1988 Corporate name changed to Misawa & Co., Ltd.Started wholesale and retail of imported products.
Feb, 1995 Lamon Bay Furniture Corporation founded under Misawa’s direct management in Marikina, Republic of the Philippines.
Nov, 1998 unico Daikanyama as first entry in the retail industry opened in Shibuya, Tokyo.
(Photo taken in 2000)

Photo taken in 2000

Jan, 2000 Stopped Production and Sale of Precisiou machinery.
May, 2000 Started operation of Kanto distribution center.
Sep, 2006 Started food business.
Feb, 2008 unico Kichijoji as our 10th shop opened.
Feb, 2011 Started operation of Kansai distribution center.
Oct, 2011 unico Shonan as our 20th shop opened.
Dec, 2011 Listed on “Mothers” section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
Sep, 2012 Shanghai representative office established in Shanghai, China.
Apr, 2014 unico Machida as our 30th shop opened.
Sep, 2014 The Representative Office of Misawa Co.,Ltd established in Ho Chi Minh City, the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.
Dec, 2014 Head office moved to Shibuyaku, Tokyo.
Apr, 2015 Changed from “Mothers” to the “first” section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
Jan, 2016 Started Misawa Co.,Ltd India branch in Gurgaon City, Haryana State, India.
Oct, 2016 unico loom as our new brand shop opened in Himeji city, Hyogo.
Dec, 2016 unico loom Kokubunji as our 40th shop opened.
Oct, 2017 unico loom Takasaki as our 50th shop opened.

*Due to shop consolidation, the number of shops as of January 31, 2023 is 48 shops.

Nov, 2019 Established a new branch office in Osaka.
Feb, 2022 Expanded the headquarters office and opened a photography studio.
Apr, 2022 Changed to “Standard Market” due to change of Tokyo Stock Exchange market classification.



Corporate vision

At Misawa, we want each and every one of our employees to connect with “personal growth” and “who they want to be” through their work.
The environment in which you grew up, your career to date, your reasons for working... A company is a gathering of people from diverse backgrounds.
In an organization that brings together a wide range of people, we believe it is important to set goals for the company and to demonstrate the means and methods of achieving those goals so that everyone is on the same page.
For employees who share and sympathize with Misawa’s goals, we will provide financial happiness and satisfaction commensurate with their contribution and hard work and aim to be a company where all employees can feel excited and fulfilled.

Thoughts on our products

We value not only the products themselves but also the broad “product strengths” encompassing everything surrounding the products.
Such product strengths include, for example, in-store styling, graphic design of promotional materials, and knowledge and proposal skills of sales staff.
We believe that the strength of our brand lies in creativity and customer service, which further enhances the uniqueness and characteristics of our products, allowing us to express the essence of Unico even more effectively.

Future outlook

We will continue to uphold this attitude of “constantly changing, never staying in one place” as our vision for Misawa.
In the future, our challenge will be how to adapt to the rapid changes in social conditions since the COVID-19 pandemic, such as inflation, depreciation of the yen, and soaring energy prices.
We will start by implementing an omnichannel strategy that fits our company, as well as expanding our product categories and corporate business areas, and integrating our strengths in sensibilities and digital technology. We will flexibly address all these themes while building our strategy.

Jan, 2024
Futoshi Misawa

Futoshi Misawa


Misawa Co., Ltd. is actively incorporating the SDGs. We provide furnitures for the Children care facilities, and we produce tables, chairs and storage furniture made from wood from planned tree plantations, creating fabrics such as curtains and rug made from recycled plastic bottles and vegetables.
Our goal is to promote activities that aim to build a sustainable society.