About unico

“unico” means, “just only one” and “important thing”, an interior store that has been operating in Japan for over 25 years. In unico, we value the concept of creating a “comfortable place where you can be yourself”, offering the original furniture, curtain, fabric, selected miscellaneous goods and a wide selection of items.

About products

Furniture, curtains, fabric, and other items. In unico, most products are original designs. Our products are made in factories located in Asia, Europe, and various other locations.
We value “Sense that cannot be expressed in words”, “Design with the art of blank space” and “Diverse styles” and offer highly impressive items with reasonable price.

  • Furniture Picture
    Furniture Picture


    The warmth and texture of the materials are utilized to create simple designs that can be used for a long time while incorporating the new sensibilities and trends of the current era. We design furniture in various styles to ensure that each customer can find something that suits their preferences.

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    Rugs that create a comfortable room from the feet up. You can choose from a variety of designs, sizes, materials, and comfort features to suit your personal style. Our lineup of rugs will change the atmosphere of your space just by laying them down.

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    From simple, solid colors to designs that accentuate your space. Our lineup of curtains changes the impression of a room from the window side. We offer a variety of fabrics with pleasant textures, such as natural materials, as well as curtains with enhanced functionality.

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    Bedding, cushions, room shoes, blankets, etc. We offer a variety of fabric items that can be used according to your mood, with playful designs that accentuate your interior and feel good against your skin.

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    In addition to interior accessories selected according to the season, we offer tableware to add color to your dining table, lighting to change the atmosphere of your room, among other goods. We also have a wide variety of items that make everyday life a little more enjoyable.



Continually expand the interior store unico throughout Japan. You can find items that fit your tastes and values at the stores, which are decorated in a variety of styles, such as Scandinavian, vintage, natural, and more.


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Online Store

A convenient online shop where you can search for items of interest based on size, price, and image. The shop offers a variety of content that provides hints for daily life, such as pages introducing staff rooms and furniture selections.

unico Online Store

Online Store

Collaborations and tie-ups

Once or twice a year, we organize collaboration and tie-up projects with artists and other companies. We also offer live painting and portrait events in our stores, as well as the development of original, limited-edition collaborative items.

Collaborations and tie-ups

Food business

We operate “bistro oeuf oeuf,” a restaurant which offers a cozy, homey atmosphere similar to that of a countryside town in France. You can enjoy bistro cuisine and sommelier-selected wines in a relaxed atmosphere, allowing you to unwind and enjoy yourself.

Food business

Corporate business

In addition to coordinating model rooms for condominiums and detached houses, we also offer corporate services such as interior sales at special prices for offices, hotels, beauty salons, and other businesses.

Corporate business

Corporate business